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Da quel che ho capito, quando provo a utilizzare lo script, il mio pc tenta di collegarsi al sito della adobe, ma per qlc motivo non ci riesce.

(Non so quasi nulla a riguardo, perci mi scuso se ho detto cavolate).

Some come to find a date, some to chat about their day.

Others come to talk about gay and lesbian specific issues like coming out, gay rights and how to deal with discrimination.

It seems most "gay" chats are populated solely by men so we have created a place for women.

People use our chat rooms for all types of reasons.

E' molto probabile che tale problema abbia a che fare con la connessione internet che ho (attualmente sono in un collegio universitario) dato che, provando da altre reti, non ho avuto nessun problema.Kate began playing piano when she was four years old, but it wasn’t until she was well established as a businesswoman that she began to play the harp.Initially, it was merely a hobby that she took up in an effort to bring peace and healing to her own busy professional life.It all started one evening, when she was asked to play for a fan who was suffering from cancer, and who had asked to “hear that little girl play the harp”.Not realizing how serious his illness was, Kate happily agreed, and attended his home, only to see the whole family gathered, waiting for her to play for their patriarch, who was not expected to last the night.