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Owning a piece means taking on an incarnation of Vietnam’s haute lacquer and the spirit of the Vietnamese culture.No masterpiece is made without the passion of the creator.I think people devalue the whole distance thing because of their own insecurities. Everyone has their comfort spot and anything over 200 miles may make them uncomfortable. I mean think about it, you go out every weekend and don't meet anyone of quality and finally you did that night.Me personally, every time I meet someone who is "on-point" my first comment is "You must not be from around here" (no shade to the local men but I was judging based off of my experiences).Located on Hang Dao street – a used to be silk trading street, Hanoia is a unique craft house which showcases the art of Vietnamese lacquer. new, the art, the design, the craft, the passion, and of course the love for lacquer.For such an old house, there are many things co-existing in its space: the time, the East vs. Harmoniously mixing these elements creates a melodic blend to fill the entire ancient house.It all started with lacquered wood sandals made for fashionista but fuelled by high success, the production soon developed into luxurious jewelry and accessories, souvenirs, decorative objects and gifts. As one of the largest lacquer manufacturers in Vietnam, Hanoia manufactures high-end souvenirs, trendy jewelry, luxurious decorative objects, and corporate gifts.These collections bring about the elegant yet sophisticated, the classic yet modern, mixed with bright and joyous color schemes.

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Since Masa is from Japan and that is where his family lives, he and Chris told his family the big news by Skype.

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Masa on the other hand was not having so much luck and was about ready to close down his account when he got Chris’ email.

From Chris’ profile, she was too good to be true and Masa was intrigued. Masa was smitten and after a few phone calls they met.