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Teen dating violence is a form of domestic violence that impacts all students, whether they are the victims, perpetrators, bystanders or friends.

1 in 5 students who have been in a serious relationship report being hit, slapped or pushed by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Check out the Start Strong program for some great tips and resources on how to help your teens.

Athletic coaches play an extremely influential and unique role in the lives of young men, often serving as a parent or mentor to the boys they coach.

Dating violence often occurs when one partner wants to exert power and control over the other, and both boys and girls fall victim to dating violence.

Teen dating violence is any controlling, abusive or aggressive behaviour that occurs in a romantic, dating relationship. It can include verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or a combination.

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For one in three teenagers their first love is an introduction to physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

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The RICADV's network of member agencies provide comprehensive services to victims, including emergency shelter, support groups, counseling, and assistance with the legal system.

Willow Center seeks to address this issue of teen dating violence through our Prevention Education programs. Ask yourself these questions: Does the person you are seeing (like a boyfriend or a girlfriend): Nobody deserves to be treated this way.

If these things ever happen in your relationship, talk to someone about it.

Gender based violence is more common in South Africa then any other country in the world.

Not surprisingly then that one third of young girls experience some form of abuse and violence in their first relationships as teens.