Leo star sign compatibility chart dating

Both of you can be infuriatingly obstinate and inflexible at times, and your personal styles and tastes often conflict.For instance, LEO is a more social creature, wants to go out more often, and is more daring and colorful than TAURUS is. But even though you thoroughly disagree sometimes, your commitment is always strong and rarely questioned. Both of you are so resistant to change that even if you hated each other, it would be hard to disengage yourselves and move on!You are both immensely proud and neither of you wants to take the back seat in this relationship.There is a great deal of harmony between you, but being two spirited and somewhat volatile people, when you clash your fights are likely to be dramatic and boisterous.To outsiders, it may look like a meltdown that could destroy a relationship, but this pair thrives on intensity.

ARIES is somewhat indifferent to other people’s opinions, while LEO craves approval and affirmation from others.

The air signs are also excellent matches, especially Aquarius, Leo's opposite sign.

The neighbouring signs, Cancer and Virgo, also have potential to partner well with a Leo.

Leo Sun Sign Compatibility Matches The following are sun sign comparisons for Leo the Lion. Both of you are independent, self-motivated individuals, very much concerned with your own creative work and interests, and you prefer not to feel like you “own” each other.

These interpretations are written with romantic relationships in mind and are from the Romantic Compatibility Report.