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Hell, the site is probably open in one your browser tabs right now.

He stays in the background, making sure people get their daily fix of whatever it is they came to the site to see.

Other celebs have had their penises hit the web, some of which were in states of even higher excitement, shall we say.

Flip through the slideshow above to see Justin's reveal and a dozen other celebrity penises that are very hard...

The white nationalists are rallying to oppose a plan to remove a statue of Robert E.

, which launched in 2006, is notoriously known for inciting celebrity drama.

The pair looked close as they held hands after returning to Los Angeles after they spent time together in Cleveland. The reality star showed her love for Thompson earlier this month by wishing him a gushy happy birthday on social media as he turned 26.

Justin Bieber let it all hang out recently, and he's not alone!Never before has a web entity appropriated such a distinct (read: ratchet) style and voice. Founder and CEO, Fred Mwangaguhunga, doesn't have his identity tied up in the identity of the site.As he lifted his arms in triumph, Mc Queen also slides away from a woman trying to give him a kiss.According to the report, that is the first piece of evidence that Mc Queen is actually gay.