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Built in lush, mountainous terrain high above the Urubamba River, Machu Picchu lies in one of the most stunning settings of any archeological site in the world.This ancient city of Incas cascades down steep walls on each side of the mountain, with terraced steps that disappear over cliff edges into the valley below.What factors made it possible for Christianity to grow from 0 to 10 per cent of the population of the Roman Empire in the year 300, and even to 50 per cent in the year 350?By the end of the first century hardly any of the 60 million people of the Roman Empire were Christians.Labyrinths can be fashioned from many materials and come in many shapes, both temporary and permanent - created from cornmeal, paint on canvas, LED lights, laser light projection, masking tape or string for temporary use whereas permanent installations can be made with stone (as in OSYB Labyrinth), cut into turf, formed by mounds of earth, made from vegetation or any other natural material. The Labyrinth is a model of spiritual wholeness and order, which when walked can enable one to heal the separation between body, mind and spirit.There are three basic designs; the 7 circuit, the 11 circuit and the 12 circuit. It is a path of prayer and meditation for all people seeking wholeness.

Like Stonehenge and the Pyramids they are magical geometric forms that define sacred space and once a labyrinth space is delineated it is said that an energy vortex/portal is immediately created. and so much a part of the fabric of this early society that this classical labyrinth was embossed on coins and pottery.In the first centuries of the Common Era there was a whole range of cults, religions, and philosophies.In Philippi alone we know of more than a dozen deities or demigods that were venerated, such as Silvanus, Artemis, Apollo, Isis, Dionysus, the Thracian Horseman, and Kabeiros (Pilhofer 197–139).These incredible ruins have been restored and are well maintained, giving visitors a good indication of what the city might have looked like when it was occupied during the 15th and 16th centuries.Many people come to Peru for the sole purpose of visiting Machu Picchu, and the journey to the ruins can be an adventure in and of itself, depending on how travelers choose to reach the site.