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Auch die verwendete Hintergrundmusik ist urheberrechtlich relevant, denn auch daran muss man die Rechte haben.

Man darf also nicht einfach seine Lieblingssongs hinter die Bilder schneiden und das dann hochladen!

When a new woman moves into their street, their synergy turns out to be a house of cards.

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But who can Isabel trust and who has a hidden agenda?

trailer Drama | 8 minutes | 2011 | Credits The story is based on the historical figure of Anatole Deibler (1863-1939).

In 8 minutes the viewer witnesses this man with an uncommon profession in his daily environment.

full version Comedy | 13 minutes| 2015 | Credits Six year-old Willem’s parents drop him off in a strange village, leaving him with two unhygienic strangers. He realises he has been abandoned and will have to make his own way home on foot, as far as his little legs will carry him.