Updating zoneinfo

You should update your tzdata package as soon as the next update is released.

UPDATE: I just found out that the Ubuntu had released a critical update to fix this problem.

To use just unpack in directory with tzdata-file make executable and run it.

This is a script, for scripting program language there is no such thing like "source code" because scripts are it self source code.

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As long as you keep the software on your computer updated regularly, the new time zone configurations should already be in place. In some cases, users may not find it convenient or even practical to use their operating systems' software management tools to update software from the central archives.

News about time zone changes in different countries.

To update your time zones you need to update tzdata system files. tzdata package is located here: , it contains version. Build or download ready zoneinfo files for Android, 2. id....timezonefixer, but it does the same (and can be dangerous too).

This database changes over time, as countries decide to change their time zone rules.

As new versions of Noda Time are released, the version of tzdb will be updated.