Virtual date chatbot

1-800-Flowers lends itself particularly well to this kind of chatbot — people buying flowers are typically looking to find the appropriate selection quickly, and get live updates about delivery timing.

Ever wanted to replicate a celebrity’s lipstick color? The company’s Color Match bot for Messenger helps customers find a Sephora lipstick that matches the shade in a photo they’ve uploaded.

“Permanent UPS jobs – including part-time jobs -- come with excellent pay and benefits, including healthcare and retirement benefits.

And at most of our locations, part-time employees in college are eligible to receive up to ,000 in tuition assistance through our program.” UPS has used what it calls market rate adjustments to help with staffing its operations since 2013.

And the company will be staffing up soon for the busy holiday shipping season – it added around 100,000 seasonal hires last year across the country.

A smart building AI that becomes attracted to Marge and decides to get rid of Homer, attempting to kill him by dumping him into the dining room table’s garbage disposal — many of the common fears of what an AI eventually will do to Anna from IKEA here, often used by banks or insurance companies to provide visitors with another form of customer service.Quite simply, the bot helps users send flowers and gifts directly from the messaging app, instead of through the company’s online store.The bot even makes gift suggestions (if you’d like to send bright “Get Well” flowers to a certain hospital, for example), processes orders, and sends shipping updates.In these early days chat bots were usually quite useless but a bit fun to play with the first few times you interacted with them, especially as a kid discovering the limited anonymity of the Internet.Microsoft experienced the same kind of problems after they launched their chat bot Tay earlier this year.